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"Time spent with cats is never wasted"   Sigmund Freud

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Our Work

At ADOTA we work around the clock rescuing, sheltering, spaying and neutering, providing medical attention and finding homes for our animals through adoptions.

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We provide shelter and food for stray cats. We are currently sheltering more than 200 cats in six make-shift camps.

Our aim is to provide a permenant shelter for all the cats. You can help us build our shelter through a donation.

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Our team rescues cats and dogs in the East Algarve, providing support for other animal welfare associations throughout the Algarve.

We work tirelessly to ensure no animal is left to suffer and ensure animals receive the treatment they need.


Our charity looks to reduce the number of abandoned animals, ensuring strays are captured and sterilised to control the number of unwanted puppies and kittens.


We work with the local community to help educate and provide support to those who need help caring for their animals.  

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At ADOTA we sterilise, chip, inoculate and socialise our animals before adopting to caring families.

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