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Our Shelter

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Tavira Shelter

For six years ADOTA was the home for abandoned stray cats and dogs. The association provided shelter, food, love and hope for thousands of kittens, puppies, cats and dogs from the charities foundation in 2014 to the closure of the shelter in 2020.

The shelter was located on land in Tavira that was donated by a kind lady. Following her death the new land owners reclaimed the land and the shelter no longer had a home.

Left with little choice, Alice and her team had to rehouse more than 300 animals. Most of the 150 dogs were rehomed in shelters across the Algarve. The nearest 30km from Tavira.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to rehome the cats and most were freed into camps in the Tavira area.

ADOTA still cares for the cats in their camps, ensuring they get medical attention when needed, they are fed and sheltered.

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ADOTA is caring for more than 150 cats across six camps in the Tavira area. They are located on waste ground in remote areas.

The cats are fed and watered everyday and ADOTA relies on charity donations and volunteers to help.

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The dispersion of the cats makes it difficult and costly for the rescue teams to capture the cats who need medical attention.

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The animals need your help to create a new shelter in Tavira for them. You can help by donating to our shelter fundraiser.

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