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"If you spend time with animals, you run the risk of becoming a better person"   Oscar Wilde

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ADOTA is a Non-profit association for the protection of homeless animals and environmental protection, which counts on the help of patrons, supporters and volunteers.

Our Mission


The association aims to protect and defend the rights of animals, their habitat and their well-being.


ADOTA was established in 2014 in Santa Luzia - Tavira. The association was founded on November 14, 2014 by Alice Gil where she holds the position of president.



 Adopts denounces mistreatment, abandonment, neglect and abuse of animals.


Adota shares information about stray animals, sensitizing humans to respect and help all animal species with understanding and compassion.


rescues, cares for, educates and gives to families for responsible adoption of dogs and felines.


 supports FATS 'temporary foster families' and needy families who have animals.


promotes, promotes, teaches and socializes animals in schools, day care centers, nurseries, nursing homes and prison establishments.


 Adota contributes to the defence of the Planet, protecting Nature, with clarification and cleaning actions.

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